December 28, 2015


What is Shakeology?shakeology

Shakeology is your daily dose of dense nutrition. Shakeology is a nutritional protein shake that provides a wide spectrum of healthy nutrients in a low-calorie formula.  Shakeology can be used as a meal replacement for weight loss or simply to ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs for optimal health,  For me Shakeology takes the guesswork out of nutrition. I have been taking Shakeology since September 2015.  Even though I have only been on it a few months I have noticed the many benefits it provides to my health.


me with shakeologyWhy Shakeology Benefits Me:

1. Great for
 on the go meals when you need something fast and quick.
2. Contains many vitamins that I no longer need to take multivitamins daily.
3. Great for healthy energy bursts without feeling jittery.
4. Curbs my cravings. (**I no longer crave diet soda**)
5. Boosts your immune system. So say goodbye to those over the counter medicines and doctor visits.
6. Supports my digestion and regularity.
7. The protein-rich nutrient-dense formula keeps me feeling full and reduces the tendency for me to cheat throughout the day.
8. Has helped me in my weight loss journey.

Even doctors recommend it!

What’s in it?
Shakeology contains over 70 high-quality ingredients conveniently located in just ONE glass, to deliver nearly all the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy diet. 

 Each serving packs up to 17g of protein per serving along with whole-food nutrition from some of the most nutrient-dense superfoods on the planet.  one shake ($4) = $41.19 in all that you would have to buy. 
Each serving contains the same nutritional value as:
3 cups of romaine lettuce
4 cups of raw mushrooms
1 shot of wheatgrass
1 bowl of exotic fruit
3 raw onions
7 raw carrots
4 cups of non-fat yogurt
4 cups of red radishes
4 cups of raw broccoli
1 cup of peas
10 cups of cauliflower
Buying all of these ingredients individually would cost approximately $41 versus just $4 for one serving of Shakeology!

***Get a COMPLETE  FITNESS  PROGRAM with your Shakeology order at a DISCOUNTED RATE when you purchase a CHALLENGE PACK  with me.

Choose how to purchase Shakeology

-The Shakeology Convenience Pack contains 24 single-serving packets you can take anywhere.
-Choose the 30-day supply in a bag to keep in your kitchen.
-Flavors include:
-Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla. Greenberry, Vegan Chocoloate, Vegan Tropical Strawberry

-Reduced shipping when you sign up for Home Direct.
-You can cancel at any time with no questions asked.  There is a 30 day money back bottom of the bag guarantee.  If for any reason you do not like the shake you can return the empty bag for a full refund.

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