Blind Date With A Book

January 27, 2016

This will be my third year using this display.  I was going to take a break from it this year, but I have already received requests to have it again!  It does take some time to choose books, wrap them, and then come up with a catchy write-up so they will “date” the book. But in the end it is so worth it! I took bits and pieces from the Internet and then came up with what fit our library.Blind Date with a book display

Book Preparation:
  1. Choose your books.  I try to choose books that have not been checked out lately or are new, Also make sure you have a wide variety of genres.
  2. Create a spreadsheet or table to record your books in. Give each book a number.
  3. Wrap the books and number them according to your spreadsheet/table. (This helps on identifying the book and you can also check to see if the student has already checked the book out before.)
  4. Attach the Book Label to each wrapped book with the genre.  I also give each book a catchy write-up to get the students to choose that specific book.
  5. Let students start checking out the books!  I give each student a bookmark.  They fill out the bookmark and give it back to me for a prize. I usually give sweet tarts, chocolate or some kind of Valentine candy. This year students have requested sour punch kids.
The Rules
  1. Can only unwrap one book at a time
  2. They have to give the book at least 50 pages before returning it
  3. Lastly they fill out the bookmark to rate their “date” for a treat.

I have attached the rules, bookmark, and the display file to help you get this display up and going.  Good luck!


Blind Date with a Book Rules

Blind Date with a Book Flyer

Blind Date with a Book Bookmarks

Blind Date with a Book -Book Labels

Blind Date with a Book–Fall in Love Display to print



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